Consultations are available by skype or telephone but I prefer the first meeting to be face to face, where we can discuss in depth what is impacting on your health and how we can change it. Consultations take place at The Treatment Rooms in Knowle, Solihull.


Before the consultation you will need to fill out a detailed health questionnaire and food diary and return this to me a few days before we meet.


The relevant forms can be found on Client Pages.


Usually clients need two to three consultations:


Initial Consultation

This is normally an hour long and is a detailed discussion about your current health, symptoms and concerns, medical history and any medications and supplements being taken.

Sometimes Functional tests are needed to help understand the root cause of your problem. The costs of these will be in addition to the consultation fee.

A plan of action will be sent out to you following the consultation.


Follow-up Consultation

This is often a shorter time where we discuss progress, test results where applicable, and any adjustments that may need to be made. Any new issues arising can also be discussed.

A supplement plan is often formulated at this stage.


A one-off MOT is available for those who have few health concerns but want to optimise their health.



A flat rate of £80 per hour is charged.

Any phone calls or admin which are less than 15 minutes long will be free of charge, thereafter they will incur
the same flat rate.

"It’s Not What You Eat; It’s What You Absorb"

"Water is the most neglected nutrient
in your diet, but one of the most vital."

Julia Child